Actor Priyanka Chopra and her singer husband Nick Jonas announced the Oscars 2021 nominees in London last year. While their fans were excited to see them together on their televisions, a few people were a little less pleased.

Australian journalist Peter Ford questioned Nick and Priyanka’s qualifications for the same. “No disrespect to these two but I’m not sure their contribution to movies qualifies them to be announcing Oscar nominees,” he wrote in a tweet. Priyanka did not take it lying down. She shared a screen recording of her scrolling down her filmography of more than 60 movies on IMDb. She wrote, “Would love your thoughts on what qualifies someone. Here are my 60+ film credentials for your adept consideration @mrpford.”

Now, in an interview with Vanity Fair, Priyanka said that the episode did upset her. “I usually don’t get mad, but that just pissed me off,” she…

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