On Wednesday, actor Priyanka Chopra shared the viral photo of a two-year-old boy standing in front of a TV screen with Disney’s film Encanto playing in the background. The little boy, named Kenzo Brooks, went viral after his photo, reacting to Encanto character Antonio resembling him, was shared on Instagram by his mother earlier. Kenzo’s mother Kaheisha Brand had shared the post with the hashtag #representationmatters, and Priyanka did the same. 

Re-sharing the photo on her Instagram stories, Priyanka captioned the picture: “This is why representation matters.”

Priyanka Chopra says ‘Representation Matters'.
Priyanka Chopra says ‘Representation Matters’.

Priyanka shared the picture, which was posted by Impact, a global partnership management platform. The photo was originally shared by little boy Kenzo’s Instagram handle on December 31. Speaking to Buzzfeed, Kenzo’s mother Kaheisha had said: “The image of him sitting…

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