Producer refused to pay ₹30 lakh after show got cancelled, says Tinaa Dattaa

Actors on TV have often voiced their concerns about the 90-day pay system, because of which many actors struggle to make ends meet. And when actor Tinaa Dattaa experienced something similar during her previous show, she says it left her “shattered and in a big mess”.

“I don’t wish to name the producer, but he actually refused to pay me Rs 30 lakh after the show went off air. He apparently claimed that he ran the show in a huge loss, which is practically not possible because they had financial backing from the sponsors and advertisers,” Tinaa says.

The situation became more difficult for the Uttaran actor for a reason. She adds, “I had parked my money into various investments and had also bought a house back then. At the back of my mind, I knew that even if the show will go off air, I will still get the remaining salary in the next three months. But one fine day, the producer said that I refuse to pay your money. I was shattered and in a real big mess. I had no idea how to figure things out.”

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She made multiple reminders and even lodged a complaint at the Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA). “The producers kept me in the lurch for the next three years. Since I had a very good relationship with them, they paid me, but in small instalments. I had lodged a complaint with CINTAA and they have been helpful. I believe in karma and it bites you back really hard,” Tinaa shares.

She is not the only one to face this. “Either producers don’t pay you the rest of the amount or they would show losses and cut your salary. My only concern is that if you have to do all this, then tell us from day one or write it in the contract that at the end of the show, if we don’t get the profit, this is how your payment terms and conditions are going to be like. But they wouldn’t do it as they are at fault,” she concludes.