Over the past several months, life has changed for literally every single American (and most citizens of the world). In particular, ever since COVID-19’s outbreak led to a lockdown being instituted in major cities, the way you live, work, and play (or used to play) was drastically altered. Living in New York City, I know my life was totally upended, as I’ve discussed here and there with certain guests. Today, I’m again discussing the situation with another publicist, this time Lisa Goldberg, who has a very strong perspective on it all. Plus, she’s just a jot to talk to, so even if the subject matter was serious, it was still quite enjoyable to speak with her.

Below you’ll find my chat with Goldberg. We definitely get into some serious stuff, but the discussion does still make room for some laughter. Mostly, it was just a pleasure to hear someone so passionate about making sure the situation we’re all going through, Coronavirus pandemic wise, gets better, not worse. I was thrilled to have gotten her to take some time out to do this with me, especially after a pair of personal tragedies in her life (she recently lost a close relative and her former client/friend Nick Cordero, who she briefly talks about towards the end. I didn’t want to focus on Nick’s passing too much, especially since Lisa has so eloquently talked about him elsewhere). Thanks again to her for talking with me. Hopefully you all get something out of it…

Here is my interview with Lisa Goldberg. Enjoy:

(Photo credit to James Vanderbeek)

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