R Madhavan had a career defining role in 2006 film, Rang De Basanti, although it was just nine minutes of his screen presence. The actor played the role of Flight Lt. Ajay Singh Rathod, who is killed when his MiG-21 jet malfunctions and crashes, and made moviegoers literally grieve for him. Madhavan recently talked about the film in a fun chat with Tanmay Bhat and others, and they all cracked up as he mentioned the short length of the role.

During a chat with Tanmay Bhat in June, R Madhavan was asked if he had seen the second half of Rang De Basanti and does he know what happened. Even before he could answer, all the co-hosts, including Rohan Joshi, cracked up. Laughing along with them, R Madhavan said, “great question. Rang De Basanti was only valid, very exciting for me for nine minutes.”

In an old interview, R Madhavan had told Film Companion about how he only worked for eight days…

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