Actor R. Madhavan doesn’t want the morbidness of Covid era to spill into his work, or reflect in the stories he narrates on screen. And that’s the reason why he is on a lookout for ‘Covid-19 proof’ subjects.

“When it comes to selecting subjects, I’m trying to select Covid proof subjects right now. Something that doesn’t drag me back back to being morose and sad, and feeling morbid about my life,” Madhavan tells us, adding, “So, anything that is happy and cheerful, I am open to that. Like my recent show, Decoupled was on those lines. It was right up my alley. It spreads cheer, like one of my friends tweeted, it is a perfect antidepressant. So, that’s the kind of stuff I am heading for.”

Meanwhile, the Rang De Basanti (2006) actor is glad that he has a liberty to traverse through different languages as an artiste.

“I have the liberty of selecting between Tamil…

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