R Madhavan shared a video of himself from the sets of a project, prompting several responses from his fans. One of them tweeted to Madhavan and expressed the desire to refer to him as ‘daddy.’

On Saturday, R Madhavan shared a short video in which he said, “Guess what, wearing white today again. Ahaa ha ha.” He was responding to a fan’s tweet about his TV show, Sea Hawks. Reacting to Madhavan’s post, a fan wrote she is “this close to calling this man daddy,” and Madhavan replied, “Try Uncle kid . Don’t want your dad to get offended.”

Another fan wrote, “I have a feeling this man has permanent hair stylish staying in his home..” The actor then replied, “Hahabha no bro. I am at a shoot that’s why it’s set. . Most times I hate setting my hair. My friends and family are fed up with the scruffy look. I just don’t care.. .. I am glad I have hair.”

Apart from Sea Hawks,…

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