If there is anyone who can talk about overnight stardom, it probably would be Italian actor-singer Michele Morrone, who recently shot to fame after his film 365 Days was widely appreciated. Morrone, who played the role of Don Massimo Torricelli in the film that released on OTT, credits the movie to be a “turning point in his career”. About how “crazy” it was to see a sudden spike in the follower count on his Instagram profile, he says, “The day the film released, I was in my house and [after a usual day] I remember going to sleep. The next day, I see a lot of followers on social media. It was so cool. It is a very nice feeling when people appreciate what you did. People liked the movie and now, I am almost reaching the 10million mark on Instagram.” 

So, how does he deal with this sudden stardom? “I am super happy for the appreciation I have received. But at the same time, I am trying to put in the same amount of work that I used to do two or three years back. I don’t want to lose time thinking about my success. I just want to keep working so that my fans are happy,” he shares.

Besides acting, Morrone is also a singer and a musician. The 29-year-old, who is inspired by The Beatles, The Rollin Stones, Elvis Presley, Beethoven and Chopin, among others, released his debut album, Dark Room, earlier this year, and has now released a video for his popular track Hard for Me. Ask him about his future albums, and he says, “You will always find the same Michele, but with different moods. We are going to have a lot of rough and strong things but a lot of emotion, too. As far as the lyrics are concerned, it will be more mature.” 

Shootings are yet to resume in a lot of countries due to the ongoing pandemic. So, will he be comfortable in shooting intimate scenes going ahead? “I am not scared to do intimate scenes. And I believe, when I am doing a scene, I am just doing my job and because the script wants me to do this. I am an actor and I am ready to do everything,”

Speaking about the racial discrimination, Morrone says, “Racism should be dealt with very seriously. We should fight against this together. But I cannot understand that in 2020 we still have this problem. We have issues like global warming, people killing animals to make money and economic situations, which are totally ignored.”

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