Raj Kapoor ji charged a fee of ₹1 for 'Teesri Kasam': Annu Kapoor

Veteran actor Annu Kapoor went down memory lane and shared that late actor Raj Kapoor had charged only Re 1 as fee to act in the 1966 movie Teesri Kasam.

Annu shot for an episode of Superstar Singer as a guest judge. One contestant sang “Paan khaaye saaiyan humaro” from Teesri Kasam.

“The producer of Teesri Kasam; Shailendra ji was also the writer of all the songs of the movie. Also, Raj Kapoorji charged a fee of Re 1 to act in the movie which turned out to be a huge blockbuster of its era,” Annu said.

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Talking about himself, the Mr. India actor said: “I started my career with Nautanki in helplessness as I belonged to a not so financially strong family. But because my father did not have enough money hence, I could not do IAS.

“I was left with no other option to choose from and that is why I started my career in acting by doing Nautanki shows like Laila Majnu and Harishchandra.”