In these times of the coronavirus crisis, actors have begun to figure out innovative ways to get the message of self-isolation across. Varun Dhawan, Kartik Aaryan and now Kunal Kemmu, have all rapped about the need to maintain hygiene and safety always.

We ask Kemmu about what prompted him to try out this unique style, the video of which has garnered more than a lakh views on Instagram alone. “Honestly, it was an impromptu decision. I woke up in the morning, and decided to do it, and it took me less than an hour. I wrote it too. For the last couple of weeks, we have been reading news about coronavirus and that’s the only thing we have been talking about. I realised it’s important for people to not panic. A lot of them thought they will just die if they get the disease, and some thought it’s not going to happen to them,” rues the 36-year-old. 

He further emphasises on how some people, who are daily wagers, are suffering the most because of the lockdown across India. “There are so many who have been forced to either go out, or stay at home. On the day of the Janata Curfew, I had put out a video sharing my thoughts. A lot of people in the comments section wrote ‘please say it in Hindi’ and I realised certain platforms have different audiences. How can one maximise the reach? I can do accents and languages, so I wrote in a couple of languages, with lines of Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati and more,” he tells us.

Confessing that he’s not good at rapping, he says he had to sing it ‘like a poem’, and actually took help from his actor wife Soha Ali Khan for the Bengali line. “I didn’t want to make it sound preachy. The idea behind it was for people to stay safe whichever way possible, at home,” he signs off.

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