As the Covid-19 situation spirals out of control, the one hope people are clinging on to is getting vaccinated against the virus. And now that everyone above the age of 18 can get a jab, it has brought a sigh of relief. However, actor Raveena Tandon, who herself has got the first dose, is a bit irked by the attitude of people going for vaccination.

“A lot of people are under the misconception that if you’re vaccinated, or have recovered from Covid-19, you’ve got kryptonite. You cannot become a superman. In fact, a lot of people become careless, thinking, ‘Now, we’ve got vaccinated, why do we need to care?’. That’s wrong. You can still get it, there can be a relapse. Vaccination is absolutely important, we will be protected, but we can also be carriers. Vaccine doesn’t guarantee you 100 percent efficacy but it definitely protects you from a full blown case,” she notes, adding, this “carefree attitude and unawareness” has come at a cost. “I see youngsters in cars without masks… it has become such a risky situation,” she rues.

Though there’s a total shutdown in Maharashtra till mid-May and shoots, too, have ben stalled, Tandon says she had luckily finished all her professional commitments before these restrictions were imposed.

“There were just a couple of things, dubbing and all (that was left). I was actually supposed to travel to Goa for an awards ceremony, which I cancelled. At the moment, it’s so risky, we should actually try and help our frontline warriors, the medical facilities and infrastructure. The chief minister is requesting to try and break the chain of cases. That’s the most important,” asserts the 46-year-old.

The actor recently took to Instagram to announce that she will be using her social media presence to amplify messages for help the needy amid this crisis, along with a warning that whoever tried to “play pranks or spread false news” will be reported to the police.

Tandon further tells us that she was left shaken after a doctor relative of hers told her what the current situation is actually like.

“He said ‘Raveena, it’s like a volcano, it’s just erupting, and spiralling towards out of control’. We’ve to chip in and try to do our bit, whatever we can to heal and improve the situation. Besides the fact that we’re hearing a tragedy in so many families that we know of, we’ve to keep everyone in our prayers. It becomes our moral duty as good citizens to try and cooperate to do the best we can,” she concludes.

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