The Hindi film industry over the past few months has been at the receiving end of a lot of negative comments from society at large. And recently, 34 production houses and four industry bodies retaliated, by filing a suit against news channels for the way the industry was painted over the past few months.

Actor Raveena Tandon is very proud of the film industry for taking this step.

“The fact that it’s the first time in history that the entire industry is standing united, everyone is planning to join the movement. The narrative and the kind of language being used was very undignified and it was only the film industry that was being targeted,” she says. 

What angers the 45-year-old is the kind of “abusive trolling and narrative” that is being set against her work place. She feels it has gone beyond the limit.

”There is freedom of speech yes, but to make statements which are completely untrue, and forget dignity, voh toh raha hi nahi, without any proof, the vilification of people and the kind of language being used, it’s a new low. What we are seeing on social media, it’s a real tragedy,” she says.

The one aspect that was brought into focus repeatedly was also the alleged drug culture in Bollywood. Tandon had recently tweeted about a “clean up” that should happen. The actor says a clean up should happen in the entire country.

“Why only our industry? I feel people in the film industry are under constant pressure and scrutiny, but why only The film industry? Because it equals to TRPs? If you are serious about war against drugs, start from the roots, where it starts. Round up all peddlers,” she reasons.

In fact, she goes on to say that it is easier for news channels to find out about the drug suppliers through a sting operation. Tandon says, “Their journalists can easily reach the peddler, and then drug supplier, how come our cops don’t know where they are? How come it has been given such a blind eye? There are peddlers standing outside colleges, restaurants, hotels, pubs. You think there is no substance use in politics, parties, among industrialists, among politicians, among anybody? It is so clear all what is happening.”

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