Be careful what you wish for …

Fans revolted when Showtime abruptly canceled “Ray Donovan” following its seventh season two years ago. What happened to Mickey, Jon Voight’s magnificently warped father figure, who finally snagged a fortune all his own? 

How would Daryll (Pooch Hall) escape the ramifications from his bloody actions?

Most importantly, why would Showtime knee cap a series that still packed a wallop?

The pay network relented, serving up a “Ray Donovan” feature meant to tie up some loose ends. It does that, all right, but the finale lacks the sizzle, and emotional scope, of the show’s best episodes.

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Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) looks older, and haggard, as the story opens. Can you blame him? His father is on the run, again, which means Mickey still could lure his sons back into his next criminal scheme.

His daughter, Bridget (Kerris Dorsey), is now a widow thanks to a…

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