The actor is glad that she and her family are feeling better and recovering, though she was worried about her 81-year-old mum, who tested positive too and her husband, Ashutosh Rana, who was hospitalised.

PUBLISHED ON APR 29, 2021 08:04 PM IST

“It will take all of us some time to come back to feeling totally normal,” says Renuka Shahane, who recently tested positive along with her entire family. She is glad that all of them are recovering well, and they will be in quarantine for another few days before testing again.

“I was most worried about my 81-year-old mum, who tested positive as she was staying with us. (Ashutosh) Ranaji (husband-actor) returned from a shoot and got a fever and immediately we got him tested. He was admitted to the hospital later and we all got tested but our results came three days later. The first few days were really bad. My fever lasted a long time and that was worrying the doctors but as my oxygen levels were good, so we felt confident that things would get better. Dr Yatin Gadgar looked after all of us, remotely and all of us are much better,” she shares, glad that her husband returned fromthe hospital after a week and is recuperating at home.

Shahane has been avoiding watching forwarded videos and the news on Covid as she gets emotional due to her “vulnerable” condition. She is disheartened to see so many whatsapp forwards, which call the pandemic “a conspiracy theory”. “Oh, please! It exits and is curable but the infection rate is so high that before you know it, you’ve infected 50 other people. The doctors and health workers have been working non-stop and they need a break. We have to be responsible and ease their burden and help them stay healthy. People don’t understand or think for others, at all. It is scary when you get Covid as we haven’t understood it properly yet. We should err on the side of caution rather than be over confident and say, kuch nahin hoga. Look at the situation we are in today, in terms of availability of beds, oxygen and ventilators. The rising cases and situations at hospitals are too heart-breaking,” she says.


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