BTS and ARMY have the relationship of best friends. Given the intense feelings of fans, BTS tends to be a bit wary about responding to romantic lines written by them. But that does not mean that they are not romantic. Some days back, the Dalmajung Merch collection was released by BTS. The items are very pretty. But even more are the love letters written by BTS for ARMYs. Yes, Dalmajung means in Korean to meet the moon. Like Bollywood films, in Korean the moon is symbolic of love, longing and lovers. The boys have written thoughts for ARMYs and we cannot help but swoon. Also Read – Will BTS members serve mandatory military service? Here’s what South Korea Ministry of National Defense has to say

It can be said comfortably that the hyung line of BTS is much more romantic than we assume them to be. The English translation of the letters will make you think so. From yearning about…

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