Roadies fame Raghu Ram expecting 1st child with wife Natalie Di Luccio

Congratulations are in order for Roadies fame Raghu Ram and his wife Natalie Di Luccio! The couple, who got married in December 2018, are expecting their first child as the soon-to-be father just took up to Twitter to excitedly break the good news saying, “1+1=3 #Overthemoon #Comingsoon. He attached a picture of Natalie and him holding hands along with a pair of baby shoes which is further adding cuteness to this baby announcement post.

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For those unaware, Natalie is Raghu Ram’s second wife after he got separated from his ex-wife Sugandha Garg a couple of years back. However, unlike most of the couples who find it difficult to maintain good terms with their former spouses, Raghu and Sugandha are in fact best of friends, even today. Say for that matter, Sugandha was the first one to know about Natalie as Raghu had even mentioned in an interview, “Sugandha was the first one to know about Natalie from me. She said that if she had to pick a girl for me it would be her. They’ve had many conversations behind my back. I am sure Sugandha has given some advice on the dos and don’ts with me. She also told me about the mistakes I should avoid making this time.”

Indeed, like how Raghu Ram had mentioned in one of his interviews, he’s living a dream that’s too good to be true with his beloved better half, Natalie. We wish all the love and happiness to this soon-to-be parents.

Roadies' Raghu announces 2nd wedding with Natalie Di Luccio