Rob Zombie’s 2007 “Halloween” reboot removed the mystique behind Michael Myers.

Instead of a mysterious “shape” who killed out of rage, Myers became a mistreated lad with a penchant for William Shatner masks.

The writer/director’s “Munsters” reboot performs a similar service. The original series contrasted the ghoulish family with its Normal Rockwell neighbors, and hilarity ensued.

You won’t find much hilarity in “The Munsters,” now on Blu-ray and Netflix. The reboot, technically a prequel, drowns in creative flop sweat while ignoring the source material’s comedic template.

Rarely have so many performers burned so many calories for zero laughs. Less than zero, to be more accurate.

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Jeff Daniel Phillips stars as Herman Munster, created by a mad scientist fusing disparate human parts together. He’s freshly revived when he has a prophetic date with Lily (Sheri…

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