Deep dive! July is your annual time to step out of the action and regroup, Sagittarius. The Sun is making the rounds through Cancer and your intimate, privacy-seeking eighth house until July 22. You might experience a few mood swings, or you could just be in “focus mode,” with your mind laser-beaming in on a detailed matter. This is an excellent month for research and tackling the intricacies of everything from relationships and unprocessed emotions to long-term financial planning.

Another reason to spend time reflecting? Three of the slow-moving outer planets are in powered-down retrograde (backward) mode all summer: structured Saturn, dreamy Neptune and intense Pluto. Spend time getting everything from your friendships to your family ties in order—and catching up on any unfinished business there. 

The July 13 Capricorn full moon spotlights your money and work in…

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