Former actor Somy Ali, who was in a relationship with actor Salman Khan for several years in the 90s, revealed the reason for their split. She left for the US after the break-up.

Salman and Somy reportedly dated from 1991 to 1999. She also lauded his parents and revealed what she learnt from them.

In an interview with The Free Press Journal, Somy said, “I learned a lot from his parents and household. I also learned from Salman. Ultimately, in any relationship, if you are not happy, it’s better to part ways. That was the case of the relationship between Salman and me. I decided to go back to America.”

“What I learned from his parents is so phenomenal. They had an open house. Every day people would come and go. They would be loving and feed them. The door was never locked. Another pivotal lesson I learned is that we are all the same. They did not differentiate in religion at…

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