With the rising number of Corona cases, and the “crazy” situation, Saqib Saleem is all for the lockdown as it is the best solution. “It’s so alarming to see the numbers and it feels like that last year never happened. Ke Covid hua hi nahin tha, because the second wave has been huge and everyone around you is testing positive, so it is a bit worrisome,” he says, thankful to be with his family in the current scenario, which is a “blessing”.

The Crackdown actor ensures that he doesn’t step out unnecessarily. “One has to prioritise what is important before stepping out. I don’t think one should take any risks, but it depends on what needed and what’s not. With my parents, I more careful than ever as I don’t want to end up doing something that jeopardises their health. I am taking take it easy for a while, get tests, if we feel any symptoms and that’s all we can do. Hopefully, when get the Covid vaccine as soon as possible, which seems to be the only way out. My father is a diabetic and was unwell recently, so we wanted him to recover completely before being vaccinated. Slightly older people are catching high fever after getting the vaccine, so I wanted to be careful,” he explains.

With the lockdown, theatres are shut again and shoots are stalled. Though Bollywood is facing a tough time, Saleem says he is an optimist and believes things will get better soon. “These are difficult times for everyone. Theatres were working on 50 percent occupancy earlier, now they are completely shut in Mumbai, which is a big market. It is a cause for concern but I feel this too will come to an end. As a society and community, we have to sit this one through. We have to survive this wave. There is going to be normalcy soon, which will return to everyone’s life. I was telling someone the other day that we had such easy lives earlier. You could step out to eat what you, travel where you want, but now you have to think before hugging your parents. This is a difficult time for human race and we are all facing a huge crisis,” he philosophises.

Other than waiting for the pandemic to end and normalcy to return, the 32-year-old admits that he went a little easy and didn’t work out much. “Now, my days are dedicated to getting back into shape. I just bought a cycle, so I go cycling when I need to step out. I have got a gym in my house which is used often,” he concludes.

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