For the longest time, actors have been speaking out about gender equality as well as parity. But many believe that not much has changed in the entertainment industry. Actor Sayani Gupta, who has always been vocal, hopes for a fair pay structure for all.

“There have been conversations which have happened in terms of gender equality as well as parity. I don’t think it’s really there in practice. And pay parity is not just between genders,” Gupta tells us.

She continues, “Pay parity is very lopsided across. It is extremely hierarchical and very problematic. Actors don’t get paid as much as they should. I am not talking about stars, who get paid for everything… They are always trying to cut costs when it comes to paying actors. Writers don’t get paid as much as they should, and it is not about the five biggest writers of the industry”.

There is no denying that the fee…

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