The new “Scream” has the same title as the original 1996 Wes Craven horror classic but is actually the fifth entry in the series.

This being a franchise that is famous for reflexive self-awareness, to the point where the characters actively discuss the film they’re in, we even get to hear an onscreen explanation why this film is simply called “Scream” and not the obvious “Scream 5: The Awakening” or “Scream Forever.”

Since the movie supposedly justifies its potentially confusing title, I’ll just refer to it as “Scream” 2022. It’s worth noting that this enjoyable but unnecessary sequel openly discusses everything that is wrong with it, as though the screenwriters were taking a preemptive strike against critics.

It would have been better if, rather than making excuses for everything here that is tired and rote, the film had, you know, just eliminated…

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