Veteran actor Shakti Kapoor has only praise for Sonu Sood, who has been working for migrant workers and facilitating their safe travel back home. In an interview to the The Times of India, Shakti said he had become a big fan of Sonu for his philanthropic work.

Shakti said that Sonu is not doing any of it for political gain. “I have become a very big fan of Sonu Sood. He is one person who is genuinely doing it with his heart. He has nothing to do with any politics around. He is not going to stand in any election. Whatever he is doing, he is doing with the right intention. He is a very simple family man. He saw the plight of the migrants and decided to do something to help them which are simply commendable. He sent so many people home. Now, even the Government is behind him and he is continuing to do a beautiful job. Hats off to him,” he said. “There are many people who have contributed a lot of money for the needy people but nobody came out and stood in the sun to ensure that people reach their home safely,” he added.

Sonu says that he has sent as many as 30,000 stranded migrant workers back to their homes during the coronavirus lockdown. He arranged buses from their journey home and even airlifted students and workers from different states and sent them to their homes.

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Shakti was in lockdown with his family. After the lockdown rules were relaxed, he said he would not allow his actor daughter Shraddha Kapoor to resume work. “I will not go out and work for now nor will I allow my daughter Shraddha to resume work. I don’t think the threat is gone. I feel the worst is yet to come. I won’t let my children out for now. I know work is important but not at the cost of one’s life. It will be very chaotic if people start shooting now. I tell industry people in our group that it is better to wait than pay hospital bills. It is still a very bad state of affairs outside,” he told TOI in another interview.

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