Shaza Morani, the daughter of producer Karim Morani and sister of actor Zoa Morani, has shared a heartfelt note of thanks that she wrote during her time at Nanavati Hospital. Shaza, who tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this month, has now returned home after two consecutive tests showed a negative result.

The note, shared on Shaza’s Instagram account, started with her thanking “the human side of humans”. She wrote, “I get so greatly affected by the erroneous ways of our human race, but ever so often I come across people who restore my faith. It’s 3am on Day 20 of me putting myself in quarantine (day 4 of complete isolation in Nanavati hospital). My lights are off and l’m all tucked in but can’t sleep. Weirdly it’s not of stress or depression. I have a smile on my face and felt inspired to write this.”

Shaza thanked her parents – Karim and Zara Morani – for constantly worrying about her well-being even “when they have so much else to worry about”. She also thanked her elder sister Zoa, who had been quarantined with her in the same room after they developed symptoms for the coronavirus. “Half my life I’ve only fought with her and can’t take her crazy self for more than a couple of hours. In my days of complete isolation, I miss her terribly,” she wrote.

Shaza said that she was overwhelmed by the love of her family and that she enjoyed their “200 instructions of what I should do to take care of myself”. She thanked her boyfriend for being her “breath of ocean fresh air” at all times and her best friends for cheering her up with “non-stop Facetime dates” and group chats. She also gave a shout-out to her work associates who have been concerned about her health.

“Finally the biggest thank you… to the doctors, nurses, cleaners, pantry workers who have not seen their families for over a month, and are putting themselves at risk every day for me. Hope you get back to your families safely. I can only īmagīne the joy you will feel when you finally meet them. I wish that joy for you,” she wrote.

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Shaza hoped for the world to heal during this time and people to be filled with kindness and love. She signed off as “a Covid-19 positive but also a faith positive patient.”


While Shaza has now returned home after recovering from the coronavirus, her father Karim and sister Zoa, who also tested positive for the virus, are still in the hospital. During an Instagram live on Saturday, Zoa said that she was feeling much better and hoped to be discharged in a day or two.

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