Shilpa Shetty’s daughter Samisha, who will turn two next month, recently prayed for an injured bird that was spotted in their garden. In a video, Samisha and Shilpa can be seen chanting the Gayatri Mantra for the bird to get better. The bird was later rescued by Peta India, Shilpa informed in her Instagram post.

The video opened with Samisha standing in the garden area, with her back to the camera as Shilpa asked her, “Samisha are you praying, praying for the birdie to get better? Did the Birdie get a boo boo?” Samisha pointed towards the injured bird and said, “Birdie boo boo.” Shilpa repeated her words.

Samisha appeared concerned and pointed towards the bird saying, “Birdie die!” Shilpa then knelt beside her daughter and told her, “No baby, birdie is not dying yet. She will be better.” The camera then panned to show us the bird. “Are you praying for the birdie to get better? Get…

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