Shilpa Shetty has shared an adorable video of her kids on the occasion of Children’s Day. The actor is mom to ten-year-old son Viaan and two-year-old daughter Samisha. The video shows Viaan and Samisha playing on the floor which later turns into Samisha pulling his hair and him screaming “mumma mumma” for help. Also read: Shilpa Shetty’s team compare her to Mantis from Guardians, actor shares chaotic video from vanity van

Sharing the video, Shilpa wrote on Instagram, “These smiles are my #EverydayMotivation. Cannot thank these two enough for being the cutest stressbusters and energy-infusers in my life… this is THE reminder we all need to keep the kid in us alive and protect it at all costs. Happy Children’s Day to every little soul full of sunshine in the world! #ChildrensDay2022 #kids #blessings #grateful #GodIsKind #MondayMotivation.”

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