Shilpa Shinde to film bodies: Will go to Pakistan, stop me if you can

Television actress Shilpa Shinde became a household name after her portrayal of Angoori Bhabhi in the television show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! She then went on to participate in the eleventh season of the Indian reality television series Bigg Boss and emerged as the winner. Over the years, she has gained the reputation of not mincing words and be very upfront about what she has to say.

After a recent interaction in which she slammed AICWA and FWICE for having banned Mika Singh, the 41-year-old actress has been hitting the headlines all over again. Not only did she defend the singer for having performed in Pakistan recently, but she also went on to slam and  challenge the federation to ‘stop her from going to Pakistan if they can.’

Talking about the entire controversy, she told TOI, “I think rather than criticising you should be proud of the fact that Mika Singh has been called to perform there despite of them having good singers and musicians. If our government is giving him visa who is federation to stop him from performing in Pakistan. How can they stop him? I would like to tell the federation that you have much bigger problems in the industry to deal with, please try and solve them. You haven’t been able to put a regulation on working hours of artists and crew members. People still work for 12-15 hours when in your rule book it says 8 hours shift. We are bringing shame to our own artistes by commenting about them.”

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“Do I need to say Pakistan murdabad to show my love for country?” she further questioned while saying that no one else can decide if one loves their country or not. She finds no logic in stopping to perform in Pakistan or saying bad things about the country to ‘become patriotic.’ She asked such people to go join the armed forces if they want to ‘really show the love for the country.’

“If tomorrow federation decides to ban me. I will perform on-road, let me see how will they stop me,” she was further cited as saying.