Actor Shruti Haasan has revealed that she was the first to say ‘I love you’ to her boyfriend Santanu Hazarika. Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Shruti shared a video of them participating in a couples challenge.

Reacting to the first question on ‘who was interested first’, Shruti Haasan pointed towards Santanu Hazarika. At the same time, Santanu tilted his head towards Shruti and then both started shaking their heads.

Next, when the question ‘who said I love you first’ came up, Shruti smiled and pointed at herself. Santanu too leaned his head towards her. The couple pointed at each other when asked ‘who is more protective’. Both of them agreed that Shruti ‘cleans more’ and Santanu ‘eats the most’.

Reacting to the next question on ‘who spends the most money’, Shruti and Santanu pointed at her. Shruti revealed that she’s ‘most likely to start an argument?’ Both of them pointed at…

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