Actor Sonnalli Seygall rang in her 32nd birthday far away in the hills in Kalimpong, in north Bengal.

By Juhi Chakraborty

PUBLISHED ON MAY 01, 2021 04:42 PM IST

Noting how the situation amid the second wave of Covid-19 is turning grim with every passing day, actor Sonnalli Seygall says just like everyone else, she’s also finding it hard to grapple with it.

“It’s heartbreaking. I’m sure each one of us would at least know one person who has lost the battle to Covid. People who were not serious till now, it’s hitting them hard, now. I’m trying my best to stay sane. Our mental health also takes a toll in these times,” she admits.

While there isn’t much that she can do, Seygall is trying to help people in her own little way as much as possible.

“I’m part of this meditation group in Mumbai and because of the whole situation, we’ve decided to do collective healing for the country. So, every night between 10 pm to 10:20 pm wherever we may be, we sit and send good energies through a certain process of meditation,” says the actor.

And that’s exactly what she did on her birthday (May 1), as well, as she rang in her 32nd birthday far away in the hills in Kalimpong, in north Bengal.

“I’m at a wellness fitness boot camp. We cannot have a big camp, so it’s just three of us here. I’m taking care of my body and health. I didn’t feel like doing much for my birthday. It was my second birthday in a row where I’m by myself. Even last year, it was just my mother and me. No celebrations at all. This year, I thought I’d come here and cut off and do something constructive for my physical and mental health,” she reveals, adding that she’s making the most of her time “healing mentally and physically, as that’s all we can do right now”.


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