Anil Kapoor is the latest celebrity to give a tour of his home for fans. Anil lives with his wife Sunita Kapoor in a house that is spread across four floors and boasts of maximalist decor and the prettiest terrace garden you’ve ever seen.

In the new episode of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is, Anil shows the camera his den, his gym, the green terrace and more. He begins by saying the house is a product of his hard work, sweat and blood. “Every brick, every stone, everything is made of my blood, sweat and hard work. There is no scam, fate or luck involved,” he says as we get tiny glimpses of his den.

With wooden ceilings, dark wood furniture and ornate mirrors on walls, Anil showed the camera crew around his ‘den’, the last apartment he brought in the building and refurbished to his taste. Large windows on one side of the room let in views of the lush greenery outside. Inside,…

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