justin bieber

In the recent instagram post , justin bieber has opened up that he has been struggling alot and is feeling weird.

It’s well known that the starting of 2019 wasn’t the best for singer.The sorry singer has been suffering from depression and has sought therepy.The condition is so bad that he even had to postpone his wedding as he first wants to get rid of depression. While his wife(married 2018) has been standing by his side all the time.She is equally helping him to go through his bad phase of life.

In a latest Instagram post, Justin admitted that he has been “struggling a lot”. On Sunday, he shared a picture of himself along with his friends Kanye West and Scooter Braun during a prayer session in 2016. The Canadian pop star shared that he was feeling “super disconnected and weird”.

Justin is going through one of the most difficult and roughest phase of his life.He also opened up about his meantal sickness and health issues.


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