BTS member are rocking individually as well as a group. Yesterday, SUGA aka Min Yoongi rocked fans as the Dance Practice video of Run BTS was unveiled. Dressed in a purple jacket, black pants and hair done in a man bun, he showed us why he is the king of swag. BTS SUGA aka Min Yoongi is one of the most successful music producers in Korea. As a part of BTS and as a solo artiste, he has made successful songs. The BTS member is also creating a frenzy on social media. His latest Insta posts have left ARMY thirsty and how. He was always photogenic but his recent pics are downright stunning.

Now, it is a known fact that BTS name is used in exam papers. From analysing the success of the K-Pop band in the world of marketing to students writing essays on them, BTS is a fave. Now, SUGA aka Min Yoongi’s name has come in the Philippine Bar Exam. It seems his name and that of BH Music was…

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