Suneel Darshan has once again opened up about his feud with actor Sunny Deol. The filmmaker and the actor are embroiled in a legal battle that has continued for over 25 years over the release of their film Ajay in 1996. In a new interview, Suneel alleged Sunny ‘fooled’ him and accused him of having a ‘massive ego’. Also read: Suneel Darshan files complaint, Mumbai Police books Sundar Pichai for Copyright Act violation

The feud dates back to 1996 when Ajay, directed by Suneel, and starring Sunny had released. The filmmaker had alleged that Sunny left the film incomplete and refused to shoot the ending. He claimed he released the film minus the ending. Even though the film was a moderate success, the two entered into a legal battle.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Suneel said, “Sunny Deol had a massive ego. 26 years later, my litigation with him is still on. First, he…

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