• Supriya Pathak has spoken about the first time she met Shahid Kapoor, and the equation that she shares with his wife Mira Rajput, and their children, Misha and Zain.

PUBLISHED ON MAY 04, 2021 03:24 PM IST

Actor-filmmaker Pankaj Kapur’s wife, actor Supriya Pathak, has spoken about her equation with his son, Shahid Kapoor, and Shahid’s wife and two children. She said that her bond with him goes beyond that of a mother and a son.

She said in a new interview that she met him for the first time when he was six years old, and wasn’t there in his most formative years.

Supriya told Pinkvilla, “We met as friends. I was a friend of his father’s. And it remained like that… Because we’ve never really lived together, he was very much a person I could always depend upon. I really love him. If there’s one thing I can say, it’s that I genuinely feel very strongly…”

She said that she couldn’t really ‘define the relationship’, and neither does she want to, but she said, “It’s more like I believe him.” About her bond with her grandchildren Misha and Zain, Supriya said that she is ‘very fond’ of them, and that they are ‘exceptional children.’ She also lauded Shahid’s wife, Mira, for the ‘way she has brought them up’. She said that she doesn’t think of herself as Mira’s mother-in-law.

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Shahid is the son of Pankaj and actor Neelima Azeem, who recently spoke about the failure of their marriage, and how it impacted her. She said in a Bollywood Bubble interview that the idea of living with her parents and raising a child by herself felt claustrophobic. “This was the first time when I slipped and fell on my face so to say. But I don’t see it as a terrible thing that happened to me in life. I just simply think that I needed that bump. We all must understand that we are not extraordinary or entitled, we are simply human beings that can be rejected. It took me a year-and-a-half after that to put myself together,” she said.

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