As a writer, filmmaker and influencer, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana has proved herself to be a strong female voice. The characters in her various works are known to fight the patriarchal norms in the most entertaining ways. She admits that the imbalance of the society between men and women is something that she believes in challenging all the time.

“I totally think it should be addressed. I have a big problem with it, which is why every work of mine has always spoken about women liberation. [I’d like to see] women taking the front seat and for them to not be a plus one and to cherish their individuality. We contribute a lot and we need to be valued and appreciated,” she opines.

And the 38-year-old has found an exciting way to address it, using humour. “I get it from my father and I think that the best way to get through life is to make fun of it. Whether it is talking about…

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