BTS are global K-pop sensations. Alongside their music, their charm and goofiness is what attracts the attention of the ARMYs and others to them. BTS’ eldest member Jin aka Kim Soekjin is one of the goofiest of the lot. He always dishes out the vibes of being the youngest and naughtiest. He had dropped a bop song called Super Tuna. And ARMYs turned it into a challenge wherein they made videos of the hook step of Super Tuna. Be it on TikTok (outside India) or Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and other social media apps, the Super Tuna challenge is a massive hit. And guess what Teletubbies have made an attempt at Jin’s Super Tuna challenge took. Also Read – BTS X Shehnaaz Gill: Jin dancing on Sadda Kutta Tommy is the best thing you will see today – Watch Video

The official Twitter handle of Teletubbies shared the most adorable videos of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po taking up…

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