It’s hard to believe that The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement arrived way back in August 2004. While the past 18 years have just flown by, fans of the real-life fairytale franchise have never given up hope for a third Princess Diaries movie. And 2022 feels as fitting a time as any to bestow the world with some good news.

In recent years, traction on a trilogy-making sequel has stalled. Anne Hathaway, who played plucked-from-obscurity princess Mia Thermopolis, previously confirmed a script exists, and while she claimed to be on board for the film alongside co-star Julie Andrews as Queen Clarisse, there hadn’t been many updates since. Until Disney officially greenlit a new installment.

As The Princess Diaries taught us, miracles happen once in a while if you believe. Ahead, everything we know about the status of Princess Diaries 3, including Chris Pine’s involvement and Mandy…

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