Disney’s “Old Yeller” may be a children’s film, but it delivers a sobering lecture on the circle of life.

That 1957 film’s finale taught children hard truths in ways they could process given their brain development.

Something similar takes place during “The Tiger Rising.”

The film, based on the 2001 children’s book of the same name, examines death, divorce and bullying without compromise. The actors, especially Queen Latifah, ensure the darker themes are handled with the finesse such a story demands.

Young Rob Horton (Christian Convery) is having a hard time of it as the story opens. His mother (Katharine McPhee) died a short while ago, leaving his overwhelmed father (Sam Trammell) to care for him. His fellow school mates bully him incessantly, and a nagging skin rash has him staying home lest others pick up the condition.

It’s not contagious, but tell…

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