Though only three of seven episodes of The White Lotus‘ second season have aired, the third season has reportedly already been greenlit. This season is set in Sicily, after the show followed its first group of guests at the White Lotus resort in Hawaii. Where will this luxurious series be set next?

Here’s everything we know about The White Lotus season 3 so far.

Has production on The White Lotus started?

The first season debuted in July 2021. Now, season 2 is airing in November of 2022. Those are pretty closely scheduled releases of the HBO series. It’s unlikely that production has already begun on season 3, but it seems like a good guess that it will begin in 2023.

Where will season 3 of The White Lotus be set?

The first season was set in Hawaii, followed by some resort time in Sicily. The two places are strongly associated with luxury and tourism, so a place with that same reputation is…

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