In Vasan Bala’s Monica, O My Darling, the titular character Monica (Huma Qureshi), who works as a secretary at the Unicorn Robotics, uses her pregnancy to blackmail Jayant (Rajkummar Rao), the future son-in-law of the CEO. She’s not in any contradiction about whether she wants to keep the baby or not. Monica tells off Jayant that she has handled herself quite well and can handle the baby too. There’s no need to stress, Jayant can go back to his girlfriend and marry her. It is quite okay. Just that, Monica reminds, its so expensive these days with all the schools and the education. Monica would definitely require his financial support. She draws her line clear. Also read: Monica O My Darling movie review: This Rajkummar Rao film tries too hard to impress

What is so refreshing about Monica is how she’s never ashamed of her actions. You root for her knowing she is such a horrible…

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