There’s an exciting horror film trapped beneath “They/Them,” but everyone involved refused to let it out.

Horror remains the best platform to entertain while sending a message. It’s not a slam-dunk formula, though. Too many filmmakers focus so hard on the latter they forget they’re making a genre film.

Think “Antebellum” and the new “Candyman” for Exhibits A and B.

“They/Them” counts as Exhibits C, D, E and F. Maybe G-Z, too.

Kevin Bacon gives it his all as Owen Whistler, the head of a gay conversion camp. Except Owen’s heart doesn’t seem to be in it from the jump. His opening scene welcoming the gay, bisexual and trans campers is like something out of a GLAAD pamphlet.

He speaks of love, acceptance and safe spaces. No hate, fear or anger. Sounds like he’s lousy at his job, right? If you’re an intolerant parent looking to convert your gay…

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