Perfume is a critical part of my wardrobe all year round. I just don’t feel complete without spritzing on a scent before I leave the house. As a beauty writer, I’ve acquired quite the fragrance collection. I love examining it to choose the perfect one for different occasions—a day at the office; a weeknight dinner with friends; a black-tie celebration. This holiday season I’m ahead of the game, because I’ve already selected my signature scent, and it works for any and all social events on my calendar: GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum.

GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum

Bella Vita Eau de Parfum

GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum

Why do I love it? Let me count the ways. It’s warm but not heavy, sweet without being cloying, and sultry in a subtle kind of way. In short, it’s as suitable for the season as a sequin dress and a pair of statement earrings.

The scent opens with a juicy and effervescent blend of…

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