Daily life has been disrupted and many around the world have come in the clutches of the pandemic coronavirus. Soundarya Sharma too is facing the brunt of it all. The actor, who is in the US to pursue a course at the New York Film Academy and the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles, says her plans have gone for a toss.

“I was able to complete my workshop at Lee Strasberg but could not complete the course at the New York Film Academy due to the current situation because it is a complete lockdown situation there ,” shares Sharma.

The actor has been posting videos on social media about her day-to-day activities, which mostly includes going out for solitary walks and emergency grocery shopping.

“The situation here is grim and worrying, people are self-isolated themselves, work from home, it’s more of precautionary. The streets are empty, all social places are shut down, stores have ran out of the necessary provisions,” she adds.

Sharma says most of her plans that she had in mind before coming to the US, especially with her film school workshops have gone down the drains.

“Of course things are affected because of the situation. My training and completion of the course at New York Film Academy could not happen and that’s the worst part,” the actor muses.

Talking about how self-isolation is working for her in a foreign country, the actor, who has starred in films such as Meeruthiya Gangsters (2015) and Ranchi Diaries (2017), says it is indeed very challenging. “I am currently cooped up in my apartment. I do go for a walk in the evenings or to the super market to pick up stuff, otherwise I am in my apartment watching movies, reading books,” says Sharma.

But the actor is thankful that no one around her has been affected by the virus. “That is something reassuring but I am taking all kids of precautions.”

Sharma is now waiting to get back to India but will have to wait till things improve. “I am waiting for all travel restriction to be eased before I schedule my travel back,” she explains.

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