BTS member V has mastered the art of Instagram. He recently shared the origin of a signature dance move that he does but later deleted the post. V had shared a scene of the late Hong Kong singer and actor Leslie Cheung from the 1990 film Days of Being Wild. Well, this proves that V loves all things classic. V is a true fan of Leslie Cheung as earlier also ARMY had noticed him humming the OST from Cheung’s 1986 film A Better Tomorrow! ARMY is well aware of V’s habit of deleting posts, videos after sharing it in minutes. ARMY is much faster now and keeps a record of everything. V’s deleted post of Cheung dancing in Days of Being Wild has been shared by ARMYs on social media. Also Read – BTS: Jungkook calls Chipotle as Chicotle; here’s how the Mexican food chain giant responded — view tweets

Here’s how ARMY reacted to his go-to dance moves – Also Read – BTS X Pushpa: After…

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