Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon howled, laughed, danced and kept the fun quotient high during their recent visit to Delhi to promote their latest film, Bhediya. The actor visited HT House to meet the winners of Stars in the City contest and fans were in awe of their fave stars being their candid best.

In conversation with Sonal Kalra, Chief Managing Editor (Entertainment & Lifestyle), Hindustan Times, Sanon started by sharing her excitement as she visited her school after 15 years. “I was very excited… It was also the first time [I went there] after becoming an actor, so it was so much fun. Not much had changed. It felt the same. It was nostalgic and a proud moment for me to go back to my roots… to the place where I started,” shared the actor, who revealed that she was a shy kid and had stage fright, but that never stopped her from participating in things.

Talking about the film…

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