Mastermind Vikas Gupta is back on television with Ace of Space. The MTV reality show will see him playing around with the minds of contestants. 18 youngsters will enter the show and will be divided into six groups.
What’s it about
We are introduced to the show by the Mastermind, Vikas Gupta, who promises that the show will be challenging for the contestants and entertaining for us. We are then introduced to the participants, who will be living in the house that crunches by the day. The participants are made to stand under the spotlight and each one is introduced in a way that also gives an insight into the kind of people they are. They are put into different rooms, and to communicate with each other, they shout at the top of their voices and inform about their whereabouts.
What’s hot
There’s a lot of comparison happening between Ace of Space and Bigg Boss. Refuting the same, Vikas said, “There is a lot of difference. See, there are many captive reality shows that there on television so why just compare it with Bigg Boss. But I can only hope that it turns out to be an exciting show.”
With six rooms inside, each different from other, we asked him if the contestants will get a chance to choose which room shall they enter. “The mastermind is ruling the house so definitely I will be the one selecting the same (laughs). We will pick three people who are different from each other and will have a tough time dealing in the specific rooms,” Vikas said with a smile.
Here’s a sneak-peek into the Ace of Space house:
The Mastermind’s Room

The Gymnasium Room

The Bedroom

The Bathroom

Are you guys excited?