Share the love, Virgo! The Sun is making its annual visit to Cancer and your eleventh house of group activity until July 22, putting you in social spirits. It’s a great time to collaborate with like-minded people or to join a trailblazing crew. Got a digital venture to launch or a world-changing message to spread? Your inner activist could be lit up during Cancer season, so take to the social channels and let the world know. In the mood for summer loving or excitement? The July 13 Capricorn full supermoon awakens your passions. 

If things feel a little slowed down, that’s okay. Three of the outer planets (Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) are in their annual retrogrades all summer, and at the end of the month, Jupiter joins the retrograde parade. As the red-spotted planet reverses through your eighth house of intimacy and investments starting this July 28, you might…

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