Karisma Kapoor was the first woman from the celebrated Kapoor family to have worked in films. While men from the family married their co-actors like Randhir Kapoor married actor Babita and Rishi Kapoor married actor Neetu Singh, none of the daughters of the family made it to the silver screen. Karisma had talked about the same during an interview before the release of her debut film. 

The 17-year-old Karisma had said, “Well, I think that will be a choice. My whole family is full of actors and actresses. My father and his brother have married heroines. So if they could marry heroines, why can’t they work. It’s the same thing.”

On being told that the daughters-in-law, too, quit the profession after marriage, Karisma told Lehren TV in the interview, “I don’t know why everybody is under this illusion. In fact, my father encourages me now. He always tells me, ‘don’t let the…

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