Aamir Khan has been a known chess aficionado and is known for his skills at the game. And once, his skills almost led him to make Katrina Kaif sing in front of Salman Khan’s house. In an old interview, Aamir recounted how the bet came about to be.

In the video from a chat show from few years ago, Katrina is shown a video message from her Thugs of Hindostan and Dhoom 3 co-star Aamir. He talks about how Katrina wanted to beat him at chess. “Katrina decided to challenge me in chess. She was very keen to beat me in a game of chess so first she practised for a few months and then she said I’m ready,” he said in the video message.

Aamir then revealed that he put forward an unusual stipulation in front of Katrina in case she lost to him. He added, “She said if I win, I want you to do another film with me. And I said if I win, you will go and stand outside Galaxy Apartments below…

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