Actor Anushka Sharma was left surprised after actor Deepika Padukone planted a kiss on her cheek a few years ago. In an old video, shared on Reddit recently, Anushka was seen at an event posing for the paparazzi. Deepika Padukone came to her, held and kissed her. (Also Read | Fan’s video of watching IPL match with Anushka Sharma gets 10 million views. Watch)

Anushka seemed taken aback, though she kept laughing. She was also seen telling Deepika something which made the actor laugh. Actor Aamir Khan and filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani were also seen in the clip.

Reacting to the post, Reddit users dropped comments pointing out that Anushka was unsettled by Deepika’s kiss. A person said, “Did I hear that correctly? she asked her ‘What are you doing?’” A comment read, “Yeah like I could feel the cringe through the screen. Anushka didn’t even pretend to be into it.” Another Reddit user…

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